Tuesday, March 3, 2015

~Laundry Room Essentials~

I have to admit that laundry is not my favorite chore to do, but by surrounding myself with items not only functional but lovely makes it a little bit easier to enjoy.  xoxo K.

This room often has fresh flowers either on the table in the middle or on the other side of the room as seen HERE from earlier this Winter.  The door to this room is located on the side of the house where we park and is most often where we enter the house, so it's nice to be greeted by flowers.

Jars holding extra laundry detergent and soap sit on a shelf above the washer and dryer while towels are hung from a numbered rack. My vintage wooden ironing board leans between the dryer and window for easy access...which reminds me that I have quite a bit of ironing to do!!! 

My favorite piece in this room is the vintage galvanized double sink that we had plumbed into the wall.  It is very large which is nice for soaking clothes, scrubbing dirty shoes and even putting together flower arrangements.  It also has a galvanized top(not shown) so can be used as an extra table top of needed.  

I recently ordered some Savon de Marseille olive oil soap for both this room and a couple bathrooms.   

We are lucky to still be having nice weather which I'm really enjoying and many of my bushes are starting to get new growth along with my pink camellia bush bursting with these blooms.♥♥♥

Thursday, February 26, 2015

~Sweet Scents in the Bedroom~

We've been having the most mild Winter and it has honestly felt like Spring here lately, but unfortunately it looks like the colder wet weather is on it's way back.  I always enjoy adding fresh flowers to my home this time of year and especially to my bedroom.  My favorite combination to add to the trophies on both nightstands is eucalyptus and carnations.  They not only smell wonderful together, but both will last quite a bit longer than most blooms.  Enjoy!  xoxo K.  

The sun was shining so brightly a couple days ago and I quickly took some photos of my bedroom before it went away. 

I replaced the shutters with the sconces on either side of the bed with these wonderful leaded glass windows I found which I thought looked better in here and also because I found an old candelabra light that I added to this corner, so I didn't need the lights above the bed any longer.  I've been wanting to switch things up in my office and they will most likely end up in that room along with the mannequin that used to be in this corner. 

We bought this vintage dresser before we moved in 12 years ago and it is still my favorite piece of furniture in this room.

Some of my vintage French rosary collection hang from these hooks and I added some of the stock that I splurged on last week to this glass bottle and it also smells heavenly♥

Right before Christmas I replaced the large French Wicker basket with this table at the end of the bed and used a smaller French basket to hold extra pillows and blankets.

I had planned on selling this table, but the the patina is wonderful and it's a nice size for here or can be used as a coffee table down the road.....so, like many other items(which are just getting so hard to part with), this is going to be a keeper for a while!

These pansies just make me smile:-)  Enjoy your day!

Friday, February 13, 2015

~Bathroom Details~

Sometimes I see some flowers while doing my weekly shopping and know exactly where I want to put them in my house.  These purple tulips jumped out at me and right next to them were some sweet delicate wax flowers( these ones were actually already open so I knew I wouldn't have the same problem as the last bunch I bought...that never did open).  

This room isn't very big which makes it hard to get photos of the whole thing. The shower is is to the left of the metal piece that holds extra towels and toilet paper and there is a linen cabinet behind the door as well. 

These blooms looked so perfect together and I couldn't wait to get them home into this beautiful trophy! Enjoy!  xoxo K.

Do you ever feel that the bathroom is never quite picture worthy.  Well this one usually is not since it is shared by my two teenage daughters and  I will give them credit for having it picked up and things put in the appropriate drawer most of the time, but they are busy girls and have a life after all!  I on the other hand am the one who gets to clean this bathroom so since the sun was shining, I had those beautiful flowers and it was clean, I decided to take a few photos.  

I really haven't changed much in here for a while and am toying with the idea of putting subway tile as the back splash in the kitchen, so depending how that goes, I might do some in here as well. I have contemplated changing what I have on the wall behind the toilet, but I still really like it, so it will stay for a little while longer.

The Beech wood counter top is getting worn in spots so it will need to be sanded down soon. 

 My heather is blooming like crazy right now so I added some to this glass beaker which I got from my sister a few years ago along with a few of these glass jars.  She works at a school and they were having a sale so she got a bunch of this kind of stuff from the Science Department and let me have some things....love old jars with labels, writing or etching on them♥

I did recently get a new rug for in here and found some of these Turkish towels at Home Goods.  

My daughters both thanked me for the lovely flowers in their bathroom when they got home from school......kind of a little early Valentines surprise♥

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 9, 2015

~Stairway Wall~

This is the last area in the living room......the stairway wall.  You can view the rest of this room HERE and HERE.  Enjoy!  xoxo K.

The addition of another grainsack pillow in this chair that sits underneath the stairs and some stacked in the French basket on top of the armoire which hides the TV and stereo adds some more touches of blue to this room.  

I usually have lots of candles throughout my home in the Winter months since we do have many dark and dreary days.

This book "Living Life Beautifully" has become a recent favorite.

I purchased some wax flowers to put into this vintage blue enamel pitcher but  they weren't blooming yet when I took these photos and unfortunately never did open up and after a while all the tiny buds started falling off  which was very disappointing!  I can't wait until things are blooming in my own garden again so I don't have to waste money on ones like this.

Wishing you all a wonderful week♥

Friday, February 6, 2015

~Living Room Blues~

Today I'd like to share the rest of my living room with a few more touches of blue.  Enjoy! xoxo K.

I used to have a lot of color in my house and then one day it just seemed too busy for me so I slowly changed over to a more neutral palette with woods and white.  My home feels calming to me now and little bits of color can easily be added in with pillows, bottles, flowers etc....

I found an amazing primitive blue cupboard last Summer which you can see more of HERE.  I decided I wanted to add it into my house and found a place in the living room. You can also see the stairway wall in this room HERE.
This Swedish style clock that I purchased from Fleurs  replaced the large black one I had on the other wall.  I've been wanting one of these for a while now and originally wanted a white one, but this works for now and I might decide to paint it down the road.   

This door which I've had for many years got a little face lift with some blue paint  and has amazing crackling that only comes from age.

By adding little items around the room such as these blue glass floats into a bowl filled with driftwood  you can tie it all together.  These old benches have little specks of original blue paint also.

I've learned that by simplifying my color and keeping the colors pale and soft it doesn't seem busy at all and I'm really loving some color in my home again♥

I'm going to be making more grain sack pillows to add to the couch when I can find some time.

I also recently found this great blue glass battery jar which is a nice addition to my blue glass collection.  I rarely see old battery jars and have never seen a blue glass one.  The price was cheap too so this is a definite keeper!

I have a few more photos of  the staircase wall, but will keep it for another day next week since I think this post has photo overload already.

Have a wonderful weekend!