Friday, March 27, 2015

~Farmhouse Style~

Today I'm excited to be joining five other ladies for a new monthly series called Farmhouse Friday that will be held every 4th Friday of each month where we will be sharing ideas and items all about farmhouse style.  Enjoy! xoxo K.

For this first post we were asked "What does farmhouse style mean to you" and I think of it as fresh, clean and simple surrounding yourself with items you love.  I chose my kitchen to show you today with all it's farmhouse touches.
I wanted a farmhouse looking kitchen when we built our house 12 years ago and love everything about it still to this day.  We had them build simple beadboard cupboards with wood counter tops and hardwood floors and I remember the cabinet guy kept asking me if I was sure that I wanted such a simple look since most people liked a more elaborate kitchen.  My answer was always "yes".....moral of the story, stick with what you like, not what everyone else is doing at the time!

Loving these vintage green glass French bottles I purchased from Alex of Attic Antics. She has a fabulous Etsy store that I highly recommend where I also got the French pitcher you will see further down in this post♥  

My home is mostly decorated in a neutral palette but this pop of color from these oranges is a welcome sight as we enter into Spring and I've been really enjoying eating them lately as well:-)

We didn't have them install a built in island in the kitchen since it seemed pretty narrow in this space and I knew I would have furniture pieces to put here which I've changed a few time s over the years.  I really like this table and benches we are using right now which can double as both extra counter space or seating whenever needed.     

The open shelving on the back wall is fairly new and a great place to display some of my lovely vintage French collections.  This is another great example of farmhouse style with this simple look. 

Looking into the breakfast nook area of this space which you can see more of HERE.  I love using architectural pieces throughout my home and this large header is perfect for the space above the counter between the two rooms.

Another item I knew I wanted in my kitchen was this farmhouse style sink. Inserted in the corner below a window with just enough room for a vintage scale to hold herbs for cooking. This area definitely says "farmhouse" to me!
More simple items on my counter to the right of the sink that helps to bring the look together.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to bringing you more Farmhouse style in the upcoming months.  You can visit all of these ladies to get even more inspired.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

~A Neutral Palette~

There is something very soothing about a neutral palette to me.  White walls are a perfect background for weathered wood furnishings and architectural pieces in the breakfast nook of our kitchen.  To see the other side of my kitchen you can go HERE.  Enjoy!  xoxo K.

My white camellia bush erupted with blooms this past week so I have been enjoying some in the house and I always love the contrast of white with the dark green foliage.   

I like to add softer touches as well with pillows on the window seat, cafe curtains, a crystal chandelier and ironstone throughout this area. 

French baskets are great for storing extra linens, mail or all the paperwork the kids are always bringing home and this wood screened primitive cupboard is the perfect size for some of my ironstone pitcher collection.   

More architectural details are added to this wall with my favorite primitive white cupboard by placing two old columns on either side.  
A huge weathered header helps separate the two rooms by hanging above this counter.

Please join me at the end of this week where I will be joining a few ladies for a new monthly series that I'm really excited about.

Have a great week!

Friday, March 20, 2015

~Snowdrift Clematis~

Well today is the first day of Spring and I have to say we didn't have much of a Winter here in the PNW and it has felt like Spring for a few weeks now.   I don't mind because I love warm sunny weather when I can work outside and sit here and relax.  Enjoy!  xoxo K.

I found this "Snowdrift" Clematis at my local nursery and have wanted one for a while.  It is an evergreen climber that has these aromatic white blooms in late Winter into early Spring. 

It will eventually get planted on the side our house in the corner by the stairs leading from our back patio to the patio in front of the basement where we can enjoy it's sweet fragrance from both areas, but for now it's been hanging out here on the Garden House porch sitting in this French galvanized olive bucket. 

Today is also the first day of Spring Break for my kids and I'm looking forward to staying home for once without all the activities going on!  

Have a wonderful weekend♥

Monday, March 16, 2015

~Spring has Sprung in the Garden House~

After the blustery and wet weekend we had it is nice to look back at these photos from last week when it was warm and sunny reaching up to 70 degrees a couple of the days.  I took advantage of that nice weather to get out into the Garden House and clean up a bit getting everything ready for Spring. Welcome and enjoy! xoxo K.

These cheery daffodils came from my yard and are always a sure sign that Spring is not far off.  I like the contrast of the yellow with the zinc of this French pitcher 

We still have many things to finish in this little outbuilding one of which is refurbishing this old cast iron sink which is stained and has a few rusted spots which isn't bad if that's all we have to do to a free sink.  I love how it looks sitting in this bench my husband made from weathered wood and he still needs to get all the plumbing hooked up.

I can still use this area when potting, but running water out here would come in real handy at times.  I am also going to paint these salvaged windows white and we need to finish adding the galvanized tin to some walls and get the lighting hung over this area.

This single old galvanized sink fit perfectly in this corner behind the door and is great for holding my potting soil and the top can be used as an extra surface if needed.

Like most things around here this is a work in progress, but considering I waited 10 years for this space, I think i can be patient in finishing it off:-)

I hope Spring has sprung where you are and I'm excited to see the sunshine back today!